Beyond the Blood Moons

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If you study Matthew chapter 24, you will notice that something very peculiar happens: amidst Jesus teaching about the end of days, he stops to say, “Now learn the parable of the fig tree…” Which raises many questions. Why would he begin to tell a story about a fig tree? What revelation of the end times is hidden inside this parable of the fig tree? If we dig deeper, what would we discover? In this extension of the God’s Time Clock series, Dr. Caldwell does just that! Addressing the significance of Christopher Columbus’ Jewish roots. Shedding light on the last day signs of Jonah. Is God trying to convey messages with the visibility of the blood moons? Morse Code? Binary Code? Does the visibility of the blood moons from certain countries hold any significance? These questions and many more are explored as we look into what is Beyond the Blood Moons.

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