He's the Best I've Ever Seen (Video Download)

He's the Best I've Ever Seen (Video Download)

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Taken from Mark 4:41, this sermon answers the question that was ask by the disciples 2000 years ago... “what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”

In this video download, Dr. Caldwell paints the picture of a courtroom and Jesus being placed on trial.

Not for any wrong doing or even to question his Sonship, Deity, Power or the price that HE paid at Calvary.

It is simply to examine, through witnesses called to the stand, is there any like HIM or any to be compared to HIM.

After hearing this message you too will arrive at the same conclusion of the disciples and all the witnesses… when it comes to Jesus… Well... I Guess, He Is Just About the Best, That I Have Ever Seen!!!


Note: This video is a large download of over 100MB. Only purchase if your internet connection can handle such a large download.

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